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As you may know, Shelly is writing a documentary about people in Secondlife, and that includes furries... do we know of any furries who could be in this doco? Hrmmmmmmm.... *thinks hard*

Anyway, I should have been writing about this but haven't, mainly because I'm lazy and that I don't know a lot about setting up a forum... We should Thank Marko here for pointing out the link which got me started.

Shelly and I met via Lowells' Metaverse Journal (SLOZ) months back.

We first met in Melbournes' Laneways, which worked quite well, because I once wanted to write a book about Werewolves and it was set in that area... but because I'm lazy....

Since then, we've met and talked about the furry culture and how I met Marko and about my experiences in Secondlife, that's the short versions anyway.

Shelly has been over to my home a few times and has recorded my thoughts on audio.

She's apparently waiting for a very very nice High Definition video camera to turn up...
I hope I get a go at it, cause I'm a camera nut too. Smile

We're hoping to have a special Rockit later in the year, which will feature a team of Real Life celebrities.
Shelly says that she can get them... I wonder who they'll be?

Anyway, I'll be writing bits and pieces about the doco here as it progresses, If you have any questions about the doco, then feel free to write... that's what the forum is for.

I'm sitting here in cold Melbourne, the sky is dark but the sun is breaking through.
Still in my jammies and it's after midday. Well... I'm not going anywhere and it's warm here (sorta) as I sit by the inadequate heater and listen to Wolf FM [Hey, it's mainly an 80s station!]

BTW: My Flickr page has photos of the Laneways:


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