Interview with the Sydney Morning Herald

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Interview with the Sydney Morning Herald

Post  Sakkano Imako on Thu May 08, 2008 4:12 am

I was asked today to to an interview for the Sydney Morning Herald on ABC Island and Second Life.

I want to know form those of you who may be Aussies, is this
publication on the up and up? I mean, would you consider it a tabloid
rag, or a serious piece of journalism? Within SL, some residents have
expressed reservations about me doing the interview, as it could cause
a lot of nasty spin...

I think I need to really provide some information on the ABC.
Many Americans may not understand ABC.. and you don't really get a good
picture of the ABC within Second Life. And here's a bit on the CMH.

I run the interview by here? Maybe get feedback? And perhaps see if
there's a possibility to spin my words into something bad, or good?
Okay people, comment.. especially you Aussies!

Q: How do you prefer to communicate? Via email?

A: Email will be just fine. It allows for a record just in case. With SL grid issues, you can never be too careful.

To kick things off, can I use your real name and age and please also
tell me what you do and how you came to be involved with ABC Island?

Well, my REAL name is Christopher Bezy, I'm 27 and live in the US and
I'm currently a homemaker. I became involved with ABC because back when
I first rezzed into SL, I was lost. I was told that the people at ABC
Island were friendly and would help me get my footing in the virtual
world. Without them, I don't think I'd have been very interested in SL.
Because I was there often, I was eventually made an admin to help with
the island.

Q: Also, can you
provide me with any screen shots (ie the signs banning weapons etc) and
any messages etc you are willing to release.

Sadly, I do not have any evidence of the original signs mentioned in
the letter on the Metaverse Journal. However, I do have other people
that can back me up on them. In SL if you wish, ask Vermus Dryke,
Silence Starbrook, or Wolfie Rankin. In the attachment are examples of
reports on contraband and a few photos. One photo is of the official
rules in English. The second is a shot of a replacement sign after the
originals were taken down. The signs that were taken down were
basically pictographs so our visitors visitors who aren't good in
English could understand the basic rules.

Q: If I understand the Metaverse Journal article properly, you feel that the ABC has sold out. Can you give me examples and timings.

I'm not sure "selling-out" is what has happened, so much as a lapse in
interest on a corporate level. With a lack of interest from the
corporate side, some people who believe they have authority, are
filling in the vacuum left by the corporation. This is pretty much
something that is expected, or at least, that's my though. People like
power, and people are likely to seize upon it if it's just left about.
What I believe has happened here is that since the corporate side has
shown less interest, parties interested in furthering their own
personal agendas have pretty much used this absence to their advantage,
and in return is shorts ABC of it's ability to use it's sim to further
it's corporate image and goals.

At one point in time, there
were volunteers who were concerned with ABC and it's image, but due to
this "powershift" they have been driven off due to in-world politics.
It was these people who made ABC what it was; a friendly place that
helped those who needed it.

Q: How have these changes affected the user experience on ABC Island? Do others in the community share your view?

On a foreigner's perspective, ABC's current state pretty much comes off
as cold. The staff seem to only be concerned if one has an expressed
interest in "the arts." This version of "the arts" seems to consist of
rather static displays. Now, while some might be pretty, the overall
feel of such "art" some across of elitist. This kind of atmosphere can
inspire dislike and lead towards griefing.

My experience at ABC
so far has been odd. All the stuff I have learned about ABC and Triple
J have actually come from Wikipedia, rather than the simulation. It
shouldn't have been like that. The sim should have been promoting the
corporation rather than individuals who want to have it push their art.

am not sure I can officially speak for the community, but I can say
that there is a general feeling of sadness and betrayal in regards to
ABC and it's current situation. The company itself is not at fault, nor
has it caused any trouble, but it's best described that some in the
in-world administration that has seized control from the corporation
and have used ABC to further their own agendas

looking over it all, my thoughts are that a spin is that the CMH will
say that due to things I've documented, it's wasting taxpayer dollars
on a sinking ship.

Oh, and one more thing, I mentioned an attachment. I can't attach the photos, but here's the body of that:

Weapon Issues
ABC Card: tetuma
left an object called C4 (say /5boom) that had a Big Boom and Hurt and
Death script in it. On consultation with Vermus, we decided it was
considered a weapon. I sent it back with a reminder that weapons are
not allowed. There were also two items called wips. Those were returned
as well, but they didn't really seem all that "weapony." However, I
have reason to believe that tetuma is Japanese.

--Sakkano Imako

ABC Card: alberto
"I am Death The Destroyer of Worlds", owned by alberto was found at the
base of the Sandbox. Upon further examination the objects, slightly
transparent cones had a rezzer and a rocket in each. In the general tab
was also the following descripion: "Warning: May Cause Lag. Be careful.
No warranty."

taken: Objects returned with the following warning: Your object, I am
Death Destroyer of Worlds, has been returned to you as it is against
the rules at ABC to leave or have weaponry and potentially nasty
scripts that can cause lag. I thank you very much for your time.

--Sakkano Imako

ABC Card: Ced J. & Ced H.
arriving at ABC Island. Mztry Moody was caged by person; Ced J.. Ced J.
had rezzed clothing boxes in reception area, when asked to move he
caged Mztry and proceeded to fire bullets. Person was parcel banned.

Ced J. then returned as Ced H. and launched cages at myself and Mztry.

Person has been banned from ABC.

Further information: Ced J. IMed me with- "Fukin ass hole"

He sent me an object called Best Beer. I declined and deleted it.

--Vermus Dryke

ABC Card: mordok
mordok rezzed nine upside down weapons on ABC Sandbox; shaped like missiles.

Identification: "NUKE". Action taken: Objects screenshot. Weapons will
be deleted. Person will be banned from sim. Additional; located on the
level above the Nukes is a box with floating text: FREE Weapons! This
contains many weapons, guns caging devices, orbit weapons.

Ryu Darragh filed an AR on person and returned objects to owner.

Sex Issues
on the First floor of the ABC Island Sandbox are an assortment of
objects of a sexual nature. Identity of owner indicates recent newbie
though why he has chosen purely to pull out only objects of a sexual
nature is questionable.

Objects are listed:

Poseball: Pumping Hips
Sex Stand behind Pleaser (Set for 250L)
2x Golden Subbie Cage
Sex Bench Multi Use
2x Suspension Bar
Sex Chair
Spanking Horse
Large Cage

--Vermus Dryke

object belonging beside the teleport hub was located when Highlight
transparency was used. Object has been identified as "Xcite! X3 Clit"
belonging to Jadienne.

--Vermus Dryke

spied near the windmill...basically a very large woman completely nude
at one point with errr female genitalia hanging down...

--mztry Moody

Commerce & Gambling Issues

A Hippiepay ATM was found near the freebie area, The object belongs to a Ray.

those unfamiliar with this object, Hippiepay is pretty much an ad scam
in wich a person fills out a countless umber of "surveys" for Lindens.
However, these "surveys" have no end and one will be giving information
for days if not weeks.

This object encourages commerce which is DEFINATELY frowned upon at ABC.

The following notecard was also sent to Ray:


regret to inform you, but you Hippiepay kisosk is being returned to you
as it is in violation of the rules at ABC. Hippiepay is commercial (and
quite possibly a fraud). Commercial activity and the advertising of
goods and services is against our rules here at ABC Island.

Thank you for your time.

--Sakkano Imako

I found a series of objects. Five actually. Each one was listed as Money Gambler, owned by Peres and created by Busty.

Each had floating text reading:
Orange: pay 100, win 1000
1 in 11 chance
Red: pay 50, Win 500
1 in 11 chance
Blue: pay 10, Win 100
1 in 11 chance
Green: pay 4 Win 50
1 in 11 chance
Yellow: pay 1, Win 10
1 in 11 chance

stood right in front of the rule board which clearly states "No
commercial product placement or gambling machines." Also, as gambling
has been forbidden in Second Life, by Linden Labs. This will also be
reported to them as abuse.

LL's official stand on such objects/activities can be found here:

A notecard was also sent to Peres:


I have returned you objects, Money Gambler 1000, Money Gambler 500, Money Gamber 100, Money Gambler 50, and Money Gambler 10.

It is against both Linden Lab's policy and the policy of the ABC Island to have gambling items out as you had them.

This incident, sadly, must be reported to the Lindens as a breach of the Terms of Service.

Thank you for you time.

--Sakkano Imako

left 4 invisible "SENSOR NOTECARD LM GIVER" on the third floor of the
sandbox. I have returned all three and have told him we are not here
for his advertising purposes, although I'm unsure if they were meant to
be there.

--Silence Starbrook.

i sent Alexis the following offline im...
i have returned ur item called WG_Tickles which u had set for sale for
100L...this is against the ABC Island Rules...."No Commercial Objects
to be rezzed and/or left here"...please take this as a warning and not
to do is a bannable offence ty

the object is a wearable female laugh triggered by another avatar

--mztry Moody

Signs can be found here and here.
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