Rockit - The History and FAQ

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Rockit - The History and FAQ

Post  Admin on Wed May 21, 2008 10:24 am

Rockit was originally designed for ABC Island, To show ABC that such a program could work in Secondlife.

The aim was to prove my point, and hopefully get ABC to host their own music quiz show, Spicks and Specks,
in world, which would replace Rockit.

Rockit was created in Eragon, our own island.

When the first show started, hardly anyone turned up, but we had enough to play.
Anyone developing a show for SL should expect their first show to go fairly badly, even if you advertised,
you need time for the word to filter around, so don't give up!

After about my fourth show, Rockit began to gain players who would return time and time again.

I found that although people wanted Rockit every week, it was difficult for me to come up with questions.
The questions mostly come from my own music knowledge, I refrain from syphoning questions from books
or online... resorting to that only if I was in a big hurry to get things done, and even then the questions
could be altered around so that they'd be mine.

Questions generally take at least three days to compile, not that I'm doing that the whole time.
I can be in the shower, or walking Katie, My Malamute, when the ideas come to me... or I'll hear a song
on Wolf FM which I remember something about... so I'll write it down and check with Wikipedia to make
absolutely sure the questions and answers are correct... some advice now if you want to create a quiz,
never rely on memory, even when I felt absolutely certain I was correct, sometimes I wasn't... the worst
thing you can do with something like this is have incorrect answers.

I decided that one season would be five shows, and there might be the odd special edition for occasions,
such as Australia Day or the ABC Island Rezday, which both went extremely well, with the ABC Island Rezday
giving me the largest audience I ever had.

There was one show which faltered, and that was the US Remix.
It was aimed squarely at a US audience, but fell flat as it was played in a new timeslot for a different audience
who hadn't heard about Rockit... yes, if I had kept it going I think it would have done well, but I decided that
the Friday night version was the one I wanted to keep going.

It's fair to say that Rockit is a clone of Spicks and Specks, However, there were always going to be aspects
of the original show which wouldn't work on Rockit, unless there was some serious scripting going on, and as
I couldn't provide that, I decided to keep the show as basic as possible.

Rockit evolved away from the Spicks and Specks style, and now feels like a mixture of Specks, Good News Week,
Rockwiz and Sale of the Century. It's also developing it's own style.

I'm glad about the evolution because remaining a clone of someone elses program isn't right, especially since
the show is now so well entrenched in Secondlife culture.

I toyed with Rockit news which went down quite well, I would like to keep that segment going.

I've been talking to Shelly who is creating the documentary, and she'd like me to include a fun act during the
show, it is an idea I've thought about before, whether it's comedy, music or just a bit of fun.

She is also keen to have a theme tune composed for the show, this would be used in the documentary version
of the show and could also be used in machinima versions later on.

I'm keen to hear from anyone who may have an idea for Rockit.

People have asked me why I don't use voice, well there are several reasons:

Not everyone has voice, they may not own a headset or have technical issues with SL voice.
It does break up pretty badly, people would be missing my questions and I'd be missing their answers,
and also, if an answer is given in text and I missed it, then I have the luxury of using text history to
check and make certain... there is no way I could verify an answer in voice.

In a perfect world, I'd much prefer to use voice, but right now it's just not a good idea.

Rockit is performed on a removable stage, something I firmly believe in, as permanent areas
on a sim contribute to lag... as the show is only played for an hour once a week, it's far better to
pack the set away... just like any TV studio or theatre in the real world would do.

The removeable stage has another use, I can tour Rockit, and have done several times.
Rockit has been played at Shais' Five O'Clock Somewhere and ABC Island with great success.

I built the set myself, I would like to update it though, it really could do with that.

With gratitude I'd like to thank the following
People who have assisted with Rockit:

Evangeline Wind - Scoring
Vermus Dryke - Security
Dustin Varun - Security
Ryu Darragh - Scripting
Betlog Hax - Building and Scripting
Quadrapop Lane - Additional graphics
Captaincrunch Hax has scored for me when Evangeline has been unavailable.

Thanks also to Shai Kahlifa for the use of Five O'Clock Somewhere
and Lise Robbiani for the use of ABC Island.


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