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Eighties re-mix blogs

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:24 am

I've been listening to a lot of eighties blogs lately, yeah listening...
They will talk about a particular song that they've uncovered or
remixed, and there's usually a link which I can click and listen to
the song.

I do own many of these tracks but many are on vinyl and as I
don't own a turntable anymore, I can't play them... and it's
easier to play an mp3 as they don't get damaged.

There is a certain romance I have with vinyl, the way it looks,
the way it moves, the way the stylus does that bumpy sway
as it rides the tracks and the large cover with all that lovely
artwork... then of course we had picture discs and coloured

Then CDs came out, and sure, the sound was amazing, but
we lost a lot of the fun that went with collecting.

Anyway, have a try and see what you think.


This link should lead to many others.


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