Update - 9th of June, 2008 [Filming dates]

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Update - 9th of June, 2008 [Filming dates]

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 09, 2008 6:56 am

The other night I was sick again, and when I get like this, I am generally more concerned that it may interfere with the Doco
than with my own health, hehe.

Actually I was really worried and I will see my GP Tomorrow as today is the Queens Birthday Holiday.
Which is good really, just been having a really lazy day.

Shelly has given us some hard filming dates, and they are:

1. Wed 18th June will arrive at 10am at my place to start filming at 11am till about 4pm

2. Thurs 26th June am or pm.

3. Sat 28th June with Marko all day -
and Marko will be interviewed seperately on the day too,
so that I can have a break.

4. Monday 7th July am or pm.

Marko has confirmed he's coming down for the 26th and will spend the night
here with me, I hope the moon isn't full that night, that might ruin everything. Wink

I'm still cleaning, and moving furniture around.

I've also decided to get cheap as chips in to steam clean our carpet, it would be best
to do that before the heater goes in.

I may have mentioned that this house is as cold as... well the other night I got up
and came out to the loungeroom and could just see my breath, that's no good, this place
gets really cold in winter. so I just payed for a proper gas heater which should be installed
very soon... another bill but I have probably been paying out loads trying to heat with electricity.

Furniture needs to be moved around too, so I'm checking out what works and what doesn't.

I've been writing down ideas for the doco too, if anyone has a question about furries,
don't hesitate to ask, perhaps I can work the answers into the thing at some point.

What I would like to say is that I help out with ABC Island, but SBS don't want me to mention
the other network, Gah! Maybe I could just hint at it somehow.


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Re: Update - 9th of June, 2008 [Filming dates]

Post  Wolfie! on Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:00 am

I don't think Shelly expects anything of us, other than to tell our stories from our angle, relevent to what's happening now.

What you say about comments is right, firstly, a lot of people who seem to comment on youtube often seem like they're
one sausage short of a barby [that means they're stupid]... it often seems that the ones who should comment and who'd
add some value to the post, often won't say a thing, while the dimmer bulbs post like mad.

With some of the furry sites, it's easy to be overly criticized for posting, so people give up.

But understand that it's human nature, people are like this in any forum, and you're quite right about people who
forget... people forget bands and singers, tv and movie stars... I can remember a lot of music which a lot of
people don't recall, but that's also because I've simply been around for a long time.

Some people have only discovered the internet just now and don't know about the past.

And this documentary will be a historical thing, so people can look back and see how things were now,
The fandom will get bigger, and I'm sure the numbers will grow after people see the film.



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