update - 6th of July 2008

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update - 6th of July 2008

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:25 am

Sorry that I haven't updated the blog for a while.

Marko and I were here last week doing some filming, as you may have seen on dailymotion.

Well there's more to do tomorrow when I meet Andy for the first time, Andy is a musician
and I have been told that his avatar needs work, so I have been asked to help him out
with clothing, so we'll most likely go to Bellas clothing shop in SL and buy from there.

Andy needs a guitar too, I've asked Miriam about that, since she's been building some wonderful
guitars at ABC Island, haven't seen her around much lately though.

and... genitalia.

Yes, we'll buy a dick, well when you're a male, you need them, otherwise you're not complete
and need to sit down... not that there are many toilets in secondlife, but there are lots of

You know what wolves do with trees.

Anyway, we do have them in SL and so we'll most likely bring that up.

I'll also take on the issue of furries yiffing... which I know people have taken as something kinky
when it only means regular sex... I'm not worried about taking that on, and it will just be
touched on, and it may clear up a little misinformation.

There will be scenes of us riding trains which will create the transition to secondlife.

There may be shots of me in a forest somewhere close, but it's going to start raining pretty soon,
so that might not be all that much fun.... erk, wet dog smell Wink

I may cook something, pasta would be good I think, and sit and eat it while talking to the camera.

We may also make a short promo with Katie.

The shoot should end around 9pm.

For some reason I feel really tired today, I just had a cup of tea and a pizza roll which I got from the
bakery yesterday, it might just be that I was hungry.

I'll relax a bit now and put my legs up, and will watch Gardening Australia on ABC.

The plan was to clean my room out today, I've been leaving it for ages, and it's really dusty.
but I have been really busy cleaning up other rooms, mostly for the shoot, so I let it go...
too long.

So I'd like to get the new mess cleaned up today, and my room if possible.

But I don't think we'll start until 4pm tomorrow so I'll have time to laze about a little.

Oh yeah, Shelly wants a full moon in the shot, as you know, there's no full moon right now, so it'll be added in later
so you can yell "Fake!" when you see it.

Shelly hasn't asked me if I could physically shapechange for her yet Wink


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