Update - 8th of July 2008

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Update - 8th of July 2008

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 08, 2008 6:03 am

Yesterday I was showing our New SL Musician, Andy [RL Name] around SL.

There were over the shoulder views of him taken from his place, and the idea was for me to take him around and get him dressed up nicely,
and to show him where to buy guitars from.

We went to Bellas shop but we had pretty serious probs with audio.

Somehow everyones voice was repeated to us, from Andy, about four seconds later and about three times louder.
it was very difficult to speak, as I'd get a few words out and have to wait otherwise I'd be talking over my own voice.

added to that, everyone was really quiet, except when the voice came through, which was like distorted screaming.

I took Andy to Greenies next, which is a clever space on SL where it's like walking into a giants home, everything is massive.
you feel reduced to about matchbox size, it's very clever.

But I have some weird problem with my videocard where if a particular script or texture is in use, my screen goes black...
and we haven't figured out why. I tried updating my videocard, but found I can't... because although SL looked fine,
any video I played looked absolutely terrible.

[Geforce 6800GS 256mb/ddr3/agp]

So we went back to Eragon, and that went pretty smoothly.

I get the feeling that may all need to be re-shot, because it just felt a bit lame... Meeting Andy the way I did felt a bit on
the weak side... although that's usually how it happens.

I liked Shelleys later idea of needing a musician for the rezday and happened to find Andy, we might do that instead.

Then I was told they'd be at my place in an hour, so I took Katie for a nice walk, and returned and just made sure I
was organised. There was an idea that we'd go out and be filmed riding trains, so I had my stuff packed...

A few hours later, so it seemed, they were still not here, so I got a bit worried and phoned... funny enough they'd
just arrived as Shelleys phone rang.

I was told that the going out and riding trains had been cancelled, because it was dark, wet and very frosty outside.
even while inside last night, I had two jackets on over a jumper and I had a scarf on, and still was cold.

The gas company suggests that I may have my gas on at long last a week from this wednesday, I can't wait.

It's still freezing right now, I'd put my furry paws on if I could type with them Smile

Anyway, we did some SL stuff from my side of the screen.

Shelley pretended to be Andy and I spoke to the screen like you do.

Bart, the sound guy, had modded a headset so that the audio was going to the sound recording equipment
via a wireless box. the cord just dangled near the pc and kinda looked like it was feeding into there, but
it was all a trick Smile

Then I sat at the table and spoke of weres and furries, stuff I'd covered, and stuff which had just occured
to me, stange how that happens, but I felt that went pretty well. a few times I got a bit lost but that's pretty
normal for me.

Everyone left about 9:30pm and I got on SL... and didn't feel tired, whcih was strange, even at 2am.

I discovered that I was buzzing, and way too much to sleep.

I was still getting ready for bed after 3am, and once in bed, I couldn't settle to sleep.
But finally managed to do so not all that long before dawn.

About 11:30am, my Animals thought it would be a good idea for me to get up, so I got noses and paws poking at me.

That's about it I think.

I was pretty pleased with what we did, but I feel the in world stuff needs to be re-done, and I think we'd better use
skype for sound instead of sl voice, which is bad at the best of times.

SL voice mimics a stereo effect where if someone is to the side of you, you hear them there... or if they're in the distance
their voice is quiet. in theory it sounds sensible, but in practice it's a disaster because you get one person who's as quiet
as a mouse and then another person who's voice is so loud it's intolerable, so you're always going to the sound panel to
adjust sound levels... it's a pig of an idea, I'd just like sound to be either on or off, at a set level, like skype is.
well that's my whinge for the day.


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