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Post  Admin on Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:21 pm

One of the weird things about SL is that people create groups which you can chat in....
except you're not allowed to.

So everyone is really hush hush, until one little bloke tries to say something perfectly innocent,
It's a bit like "Hello is anyone there?"

That's when the owner of the group points down at the poor fella, like some fire and brimstone priest
points a cruel, boney finger at the poor bugger and yells "SPAMMER!!!!".

The poor guy who hasn't done anything shrinks away as all and sundry on the group curse and moan
like banshees, and lightning flashes and thunder booms, cursing him with total banishment from the
group for the unforgivable crime of *saying something mildly friendly*.

It's a nutty habit, and I won't stop until it's completely stomped out of existance.

There's another oddity people do.

Sometimes when you want to show a gesture to someone... my latest is the Cuban Pete dance from
"The Mask", rather than waiting till your song is over, and getting a laugh, they activate one of theirs
a few seconds later.

What happens is you have two pieces of music running at the same time, and not complimenting each
other... so you end up with a lot of noise which is of no entertainment value whatsoever!

People who do this need a smack, and I'm just the one to do it too.


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