More filming

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More filming

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:27 pm

Today, after an almost sleepless night, we did more filming.

I did a few audio reads for the sound guy, Bart.
which will be overdubbed on footage later.

Then they filmed me in bed, as I pretended to sleep, and was then kissed by Katie.

We went to a location where kids were skating, and one of those special effect shots were done where everyone whizzes past in the background while the main character remains still.

There was a shot with me talking to the camera near some graffitti in a street.

Then I spoke about werewolves while in a video shop.

There was a shot near a power sub-station, and at an industrial site.

then we went and had our meal at a Vietnamese restaurant, and I think I had the strongest coffee I've ever had.

Then we came back to do the rezday at the pub, which was just me talking to my friends in world, with the camera watching me from the side.

Everyone left around 10pm, I'm really tired. Smile


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Re: More filming

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:30 am

Everything is still on track and running smoothly, but both the
director and I were really tired the night before. I forgot my lines a
few times, Sometimes I think Katie, My Malamute is the real star... she
fluffs everything (shedding) but her contributions have
been great.

We did some nice arty scenes, like the one where a person stands still
and people seem to rush around in the background. there was a scene at
an electrical sub-station [dream sequence], a promo and a scene in a
video rental shop.

Then we went to a vietnamese restaurant, not to film, but to eat.
I think they made the strongest coffee I've ever had.

Came home and did a bit of secondlife stuff in front of the camera, and then everyone
packed up and went home around 9:30pm.

I can't belive this is taking so long to do, they're obviously putting a lot of effort into it.
That it's taking a long time isn't worrying me, I'm really pleased to be involved...
I'm looking at this as a life experience, and a good one, because you all know I've had some totally crap ones
and I really know how crap things can get.

Yes I'm enjoying myself.

Shelley and Zack are being really nice to me and saying sorry all the time, but they needn't bother,
I'm really pleased to just go with the flow [that's wolf, backwards]. Wink

I've always been interested in the media and have always wanted to be more involved, and so all
this is completely fine.

Shelley told me that she wished the budget was higher so that she could do a proper werewolf transformation scene.
Although she mentioned ripping off of skin, ala a recent Dr. Who episode, or perhaps Company of Wolves.

I don't picture myself doing that, merely changing back and forth without any gross (gross as in "large") traumatic event.

I picture the bones becoming soft like clay, repositioning, and the skin and muscles moving appropriately... and the fur
coming in at the same time, without pain and probably being bigger... and therefore, bumping my head on things and

It's interesting to note that Shelleys' sister was involved with the Orangina
commercial which you may have seen on youtube,

and the coke machine ad, with the little people in the machine... which was up for an emmy
[or was it a lion? or both?].

Anyway, It's loads of fun, I'm really enjoying myself. Smile


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